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sukanto Kuri
26. Juni 2022
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The help desk is a treasure trove of customer insights that marketing, Photo Retouching sales, and customer service teams can all learn. Depending on the size of your business and the sophistication of your customers, you may have a collection of tools that allow your customers to: Submit a support ticket and search the knowledge base (support articles). Live chat with employees (or bots). Provides the ability to investigate a customer's NPS. Once the help desk is properly configured, here are seven SEO insights Photo Retouching you can mine from ticket logs and help desk analysis. 1. Keyword Research & Analytics What are the most common Photo Retouching phrases customers use when submitting support tickets or searching the knowledge base? Depending on the sophistication of your ticketing system, you can see these insights within the app or export all your tickets to CSV. From here, there are many text-analyzer tools that can help you identify the most common problems and questions your customers are experiencing. advertisement Continue reading below Another analytical insight gained from the help desk is to identify how people are finding help documents. Are People Finding Your Documents Through Organic Search or Your Own Internal Search Function? If people come primarily from Google to your help documentation, this may indicate that: Customers are searching for the best document on Google because the help document search feature or layout does not meet their needs. Or you are generating search Photo Retouching traffic from non-customers. Crawlable help documentation can drive large amounts of long tail search traffic. If you are directing non-customers to help desk documentation, this can be a good opportunity to introduce these visitors to your awareness or consideration stage content. 2. Content ideas Once your knowledge base is clearly organized by Photo Retouching category, you can mine your analytics data to see what topics people spend most on reading. Google Analytics content groups and custom reports are best friends to help you organize your data in this way. advertisement Continue reading below This report informs you about other documents that need to be created or enhanced through customer service or the marketing team.
sukanto Kuri

sukanto Kuri

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